Are Denver Bail Bonds Expensive?

Are Denver Bail Bonds Expensive?People often ask us whether or not Denver bail bonds are expensive. The problem with this question is that the cost depends entirely on the bail amount. But, we can tell you that bail bonds are very affordable, because you only pay a small percentage of the full bail amount. Additionally, Jefferson County bail bond companies usually provide flexible payment plans, and multiple payment options to make it simple for people to get their loved ones out of jail.

What Goes in the Bail Amount Decision

When a person is arrested, there are a couple ways in which bail can be set. Often, it is decided based on the bail schedule – a list of bail amounts set for each crime. If a person’s bail isn’t set according to schedule, it will be set at a bail hearing by a judge. There are many different factors that are considered by a judge when the bail amount is set, such as:

 – Public Safety

When a person’s bail is being set, one of the most important aspects that is considered is the risk to the public. If a defendant has a history of violence, alcohol, or drug use, they can be viewed as more of a threat to society, and therefore bail will be higher.

 – Alleged Crime

When a person’s bail is being set by a judge, the type of crime they have allegedly committed is considered. If it is a violent or serious crime such as rape or murder, the bail amount will likely be higher than someone who has committed a less serious offense: Felony charges have a much higher bail than misdemeanors.

 – Flight Risk

The judge also weighs the risks when it comes to the defendant and their flight risk. For defendants with a higher flight risk, a higher bail amount may be set. To determine flight risk, the defendant’s background, state of the bank account, ties to the community, and family in the area are considered.

How Denver Bail Bonds Make Getting Out of Jail Affordable

As you can see, there are many reasons that bail amounts can be high. But, a high bail amount doesn’t mean your loved one has to sit in jail. When you work with a bail bondsman, you’ll pay much less. This is because you only have to pay a small percentage of the bail amount to the bail agent as a fee. Unlike paying bond in cash, the fee won’t be refunded to you at the end of the trial. But, you’ll have to come up with a much smaller amount to be reunited with your friend or family member in jail. Bail bonds make it possible for you to pay a very high bail amount for a less expensive price. And, many bail bond companies provide flexible payment plans and payment options. If you have any questions or need help getting a friend or family member out of jail, don’t hesitate to call All American Bail Colorado. We offer a free bail consultation! We are here to help!

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