Children with Parents in Jail: How to Help

Learn how to help children with parents in jail. So many people get hurt when someone is arrested. The person who made the mistake and is now in jail is definitely hurt. The family members who work to get them released and support them are hurt. But, most of all, children with parents in jail are hurt the most. It can be difficult to know how to help if you have a loved one in jail who has children. Here at All American Bail Bonds Colorado, we have helped hundreds of people get friends or family members out of jail. And, we have helped them understand how to help children with parents in jail. Here are a few insights and resources we have found helpful.

Understanding the Emotions of Children with Parents in Jail

The first thing you need to consider when you explain a parent’s arrest is to understand the emotions of the child whose parent has been arrested. Their emotions will likely vary, depending on their age, but one of the biggest emotions they will face is panic. Their biggest sense of security is now missing – they will be worried about what comes next, or where they will go. Also, it is important to understand that younger children will have a difficult time separating themselves from their parent psychologically. Consulting with a professional psychologist may be the best way to begin helping children with parents in jail.

Tips for Helping Children

There are a few things you need to have at the forefront of your mind as you tell children of their parent’s arrest, or the days, weeks, and months following:

  • Be Honest: Don’t lie about where their parent is. Children will see through cover stories and mistruths.
  • Reassure: Make sure they know their parent’s arrest is not their fault, that they are loved, and that everything is being done to help.
  • Answer: Answer all their questions – they will have many. Don’t hold back about the fact that their parent made a mistake – make sure they know that this doesn’t make them a bad person.
  • Support: Make sure the child knows you are always there to support them and listen.

There are a few resources that can help you as you work with children with parents in jail. Much of this is information that can provide insight into your situation.

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