Criminal Justice System: Why Bail is Allowed

What is Bail? Bail is part of the criminal justice system.

The United States has a unique bail system. While it may not be perfect, it offers many freedoms and rights that not all people around the world enjoy. Everyone is familiar with the idea of bail, but let’s take a moment to look at why it’s allowed, and how it benefits people who have been charged with a crime. Morgan County bail bonds can help you get a loved one released quickly and for an affordable price!

The Purpose of Bail

The purpose of bail is to allow a person to get out of jail while they await their trial. When a person is arrested, they are booked in jail before their case is taken to court. By paying a certain amount of money to the court (acting as a kind of insurance), a defendant can be released and enjoy the comforts of home instead of a jail cell, while they await trial. The bail system is constantly being changed, to balance the rights of citizens, while protecting the public from harm.

The Cost of Bail

There have been many reforms to US bail law over the years. Many of these reforms are due to the high cost of bail – many believe it discriminates against people who can’t afford to pay the full bail amount. This concern, weighed against the worry that dangerous criminals could easily bail out of jail and cause harm to the public, are the reason bail laws have changed throughout the years.

Bail Bonds are the Answer

Because the cost of bail can be high, many people worry their friends or family will languish in jail, because they can’t afford the cost of bail. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem: Bail bonds offer an affordable option for those who can’t come up with the cash to get out of jail quickly. When you get a bail bond, you don’t have to come up with a large amount of cash quickly. Instead, you pay a small percentage of the full bail amount in order to get someone released from jail. While the fee is non-refundable, many bail bond companies offer flexible payment plans and options, making getting out of jail very affordable! Call All American Bail Colorado today to get information about getting a loved one out of jail. We are here to help and give you advice!

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