Denver Bail Bond FAQ Part 2

Denver bail bond FAQ - part twoA couple weeks ago we looked a few commonly asked questions about bail bonds, including:

  • “What is bail?”
  • “What is a bail bond?”
  • “What are the responsibilities of the co-signer?”
  • “What does bail cost in Colorado?”

Today, we’ll continue to answer frequently asked questions about the bail bond process. Remember, if you have a loved one in jail and wish to get them out as fast as possible using bail bonds Arapahoe County, call All American Bail Colorado. We are here to help, and will ensure your friend or family member is released quickly.

Bail Bond FAQ: Part 2


What Happens if the Defendant Skips Bail?

Let’s say you work with a bail bondsman and use bail bonds to get a loved one out of jail. You paid the fee, likely provided collateral, and signed the bond. Unfortunately, the person you bailed out isn’t very trustworthy, and they failed to show up in court. A bench warrant has been issued for their arrest. Depending on the legal requirements of the bail bond, you will likely be held responsible for the full bail amount, along with the bail agent. Additionally, you could lose the collateral that you provided when you signed the bail bond. This is why you should only bail someone out of jail if they are trustworthy and responsible.

What is the Role of a Bounty Hunter?

When a defendant skips bail, the bondsman is held responsible for the full bail amount, and also is held liable with their insurance (surety) company. Because of this, they have a high interest in finding the defendant and returning them to the court so they don’t have to pay the full amount. This is why bail agents often hire bounty hunters to track down the defendant. The police don’t have the resources or time available to find and return every defendant who skips bail. A bounty hunter’s job is to track down people and return them to face justice. They abide by less strict rules than police officers. For example, they can enter the home of a person who skipped bail  without a search warrant if they have reason to believe they are inside.

Should I Bail a Friend Out of Jail?

When considering whether or not you should work with a bail bondsman to get a friend or family member out of jail, you need to weigh all the options. Helping them in their time of need is commendable, but you need to make sure they are reliable people. If they skip bail, you could be stuck with a big bill, and could lose any property you put up as collateral. Additionally, if they skip bail and you help them by hiding them in your home or giving them money, you could face criminal charges. Determine if the person is trustworthy before you get them out of jail.

Call All American Bail to Get a Friend Out Fast

If you have a friend or family member who have been arrested and are currently sitting in jail, call All American Bail Colorado immediately. We can begin the bail bonds process now so they can be released as quickly as possible. If you have additional questions about the bail process, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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