Denver Booking and Bail Process

Booking and Bail Process in DenverBelieve it or not, statistics prove that many people in the United States will be arrested at some point in their lives. According to an article I recently read, 49% of African-American males, and 40% of white males have been arrested by the time they are 23 years old. So, if a friend or loved one has been arrested, don’t be ashamed or shocked – many people deal with an arrest and move on with their lives successfully afterward. But, just because it is common doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strategize about the best way to protect their future. The first step is to understand the booking process in Denver area jails, and then to learn how to begin the bail process. Here at All American Bail Colorado, we are dedicated to helping people get released and back home so they don’t spend anymore time in jail than necessary!

Booking Process in Denver-Area Jails

When a person is arrested, they will be taken to the nearest jail to be booked. People are arrested in many different circumstances. Occasionally, people are arrested immediately after the crime is allegedly committed – such as a DUI arrest, or arrest after a bar fight or reckless driving accent. In most cases, however, people are arrested after a police officer has gathered enough evidence to receive an arrest warrant from a judge. The booking process includes the following (but not necessarily in this order):

– Information & Background Check

An officer will obtain information about the person who was arrested, including their name, birth date, etc. Additionally, they will perform a background check to see if there are any outstanding warrants.

– Fingerprinting & Mug Shot

The arrested person will be fingerprinted by an officer. These fingerprints will be inputted into the national database. Additionally, a mug shot will be taken. Mug shots are taken for many purposes, such as identification by the alleged victim during a lineup. It also serves to document the physical condition of the person at the time of arrest.

– Medical Examination

The arrestee will be questioned and examined for any medical conditions that could endanger people within in the jail.

– Questioning

The arrested person will be questioned regarding any gang ties or other information that is necessary in order to determine where they will be placed within the jail so they are safe and secure.

– Body Search

At the time of arrest, the police usually perform a pat-down. The body search during the booking process is much more thorough, and can be intrusive. The purpose of the search is to insure that no illegal contraband or weapons enter the jail.

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