Why Finding a Cheap Bail Bondsman Shouldn’t Be Your Goal

Why finding a cheap bail bondsman shouldn't be your goal.Most people, when they get the news that a loved one has been arrested, spend hours looking for a cheap bail bondsman. This is the wrong perspective, however. Arapahoe County bail bondsmen are much more than someone to arrange paperwork – they can provide insight, advice, and can be a valuable friend during this difficult time.

Bail Bond Costs: Set by Law

The first thing you should know when you’re searching for a cheap bail bondsman, is that the fee that bail agents charge is set by law in each state. In Colorado, the maximum amount that a bail agent can charge is 15% of the full bail amount. Thus, searching around for the cheapest bail bonds is a waste of time. You may find someone who only charges 10%, but chances are, they’ll add additional “taxes,” and “fees” which will ultimately drive the price up.

Bail Bondsmen: Experience On Your Side

Stop and think about it for a moment; when someone is arrested, who is your ally? Who can you turn to to provide advice and insight you can trust? Court clerks and jail staff all work with the prosecution, and are paid by the government. It can be tough to trust their advice because of this. When you work with a bail agent, you’ll have someone working on your side who works only for you – the goal of a bail agent is to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. And, in most cases, they have years of experience and insight they can provide during this frustrating, difficult time.

Looking for a Cheap Bail Bondsman? Look for Experience Instead

When you look for a bail agent, there are more things to look for than what they charge as a fee. Look for experience, especially at the jail where your friend is being held. This can be invaluable as you work to get them released. Additionally, look at their customer service record – check reviews to see if past clients have been happy with their work. Choosing a cheap bail bondsman, only to be scammed in the end is not what you need to be dealing with. Instead, choose a hardworking, experienced, trustworthy bail agent who will make the bail bonds process much easier.

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