Get Bailed Out after a CO DUI Checkpoint Arrest

Get a loved one out of jail fast after an arreste at a CO DUI checkpoint.

DUI checkpoints are a commonly used police tactic in Colorado, especially around the holidays. The entire purpose of a checkpoint is to catch drivers off-guard – to surprise them and check sobriety without having to actually pull them over for an infraction. DUI checkpoints are extremely effective. If you have been arrested after a DUI checkpoint, you need to get bailed out of an Adams County jail as quickly as possible to begin gathering evidence and contacting a lawyer for your defense. Let’s take a closer look at these police checkpoints to see what they’re all about:

What is a DUI Checkpoint?

A DUI checkpoint is a roadblock that is set up by police in order to check drivers for signs of impairment. These roadblocks are set up on busy roads to capture as many drivers as possible. Once a driver has stopped, the police ask them to roll down the window, and provide proof of insurance, license, and registration. The cops will engage in conversation in order to check the driver for signs of intoxication, such as bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, slow fine motor skills, a flushed face, the smell of alcohol, and any other sign. If the police see any signs the driver has been drinking, they will ask them to perform a breathalyzer test and/or roadside tests. If the officer believes they have enough evidence of probable cause, they will arrest the driver and take them to the nearest police station for a blood test.

Are DUI Checkpoints Constitutional?

DUI checkpoints are only legal in 38 states – the remaining 12 prohibit them either in state law or in the Constitution. They are considered unconstitutional because normally, the police stopping drivers for no reason would be considered an improper seizure. In 1990, a court decision by the Supreme Court determined that reducing highway fatalities due to drinking and driving outweighed the constitutional rights of drivers.

Loved One Arrested after a DUI Checkpoint? Call All American Bail Colorado

If you got the call from a friend or family member last night that they were arrested at a DUI traffic stop, don’t hesitate: Call All American Bail Bonds to arrange bail bonds to get them released quickly. They need to consult with a criminal defense lawyer to determine if the checkpoint was constitutional, and gather evidence to fight their case in court. A DUI conviction can be devastating on a person’s career and life – get them out of jail fast!

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