How to Choose a Bail Bondsman in Colorado

How to choose a bail agent in COChoosing a bail bondsman can be difficult. Most people don’t understand the criminal justice system, let alone the bail industry and bail agents. This makes it extremely hard to know what to look for as you research bail bond companies in your area. As a bail agent in Arapahoe County and the surrounding area for many years, I can offer experience and guidance on how to choose a bail bondsman you can trust.

– Ask Friends and Family

One of the best ways to choose a bail bondsman is to ask friends and family for recommendations. People don’t usually tend to talk freely about an arrest, so you’ll likely need to specifically ask relatives and friends whom you trust. It’s wise to work with a tested bail bondsman – someone who has been proven to provide excellent service to a friend of yours.

– Check Online Reviews

The next best thing to getting a personal recommendation is to to read online reviews of bail agents in your area. Find a few bail agents by doing an online search, and the find reviews on various sites across the internet. A few good places to look are Google+, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. When you find a bail agent who has good reviews, and responds to bad reviews with personal feedback, you know you are working with a professional agent.

– Call for Details

Once you’ve found a few bail agents who seem to be legitimate, give them each a call. Ask them questions about the process and their experience. It’s important that you work with a bail bondsman who works well with you and takes the time to answer your questions. Additionally, it’s important that you ask how payment works, as well as the bail bond company’s hours (being open 24/7 is a good choice).

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