How to Tell if Your CO Bail Bondsman is Trustworthy

How to know if your Colorado bail agent is trustworthy.If you’re reading this blog, then it is likely that you haven’t worked with a bail bondsman before. After all, most people don’t even think about the bail industry until they get arrested, or until they need to get a friend or family out of jail. Because you’re unused to bail agents and the industry, it can be difficult to know whether or not a bondsman is trustworthy. We have the experience you need to be able to ascertain the honesty of a prospective bail company – we’ve been in business for many years and have helped many people get out of jail throughout the years. Here are our tips for determining if your Douglas County bail bondsman is trustworthy or not.

Step One: Check Licensing

The first step towards determining the trustworthiness of the prospective bail agent is to check to see if bail companies are required to be licensed in your state. Here in Colorado, every bail bondsman is required to be licensed through the Department of Insurance. Then, check the licensing department of your state to make sure the bail bondsman is correctly licensed. Obviously, if they aren’t licensed you should stay away. If they are, move on the the next step.

Step Two: Check the BBB and Reviews

Next, check your local Better Business Bureau to see if they are registered, and if they are, how they deal with complaints against them. Whether or not a bondsman is registered with the BBB isn’t necessarily a hit against them – but it can provide insight into how they treat their customers if they are registered. Next, check to see if they have any reviews online. If they have bad reviews, see what type of people are reviewing, and whether or not the bail bondsman has responded.

Step Three: Note the Discounts

Beware of bail agents who offer deep discounts. You should be aware that in many states, there is a maximum or a minimum that a bail company may charge. For example, here in Colorado, bail agents can charge a maximum of 15% of the full bail amount. In other states, there is a minimum that can be charged. Question the prospective bail company’s rates, and determine if there will be additional charges once you sign the contract.

Choose a Trustworthy Bail Agent You Feel Comfortable With

If you follow the three steps above, you will likely be choosing a bail agent that is trustworthy. The most important factor, however, is that you communicate well with the agent you choose. You need to fee comfortable asking them questions and working with them. After all, bail agents can provide a lot of insight and help when you are looking to get a friend out of jail. Here at All American Bail, we focus on customer service, and work hard to make sure each of our clients has all their questions answered. Give American Bail Colorado a call if you need to get someone out of jail fast!

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