What You Need to Bail Someone Out of Jail

What you need to bail someone out of jail

Not much is known about the bail bond process. After all, most people don’t deal with the criminal justice system every day. But, as experienced bail agents, we can offer an inside look into how the bail bonds process works, and what you’ll need to get someone bailed out quickly.

What You Need to Bail Someone out of Jail: The Details

When you get the news that someone you care about has been arrested, it’s easy to panic: After all, jail isn’t a good place to be. It can be difficult to get answers when you’re trying to find out what you need to bail them out: Here are a few tips.

1. Posting Bail Alone

When you post bail on your own, you’ll need to pay the full bail amount, in cash, or provide collateral as payment. It can be difficult to gather this much cash all at once – after all, bail can be set in the thousands of dollars. And, you’ll have to go through the process alone – which can be confusing. The benefit is, in the end, if the person you bailed out returns for all court dates, you’ll get your money back (you’ll lose it if they skip bail).

2. Posting Bail with a Bail Agent

When you post bail using a bail bond obtained through the services of a bail bondsman, you’ll experience a few benefits. First, you’ll only have to come up with a small percentage of the full bail amount as a fee for the agent. Second, you’ll work with someone who has years of experience in the industry, and will help you understand the process, and go to the jail for you. Here’s what you’ll need to have before you call an agent:

  • Inmate Information: You’ll need to have the full name and birth date of the person you are bailing out.
  • Jail Information: You’ll need to know where they are being held, and what amount their bail is set at (if possible).

Once you give us a call, all you’ll need to do is sign the paperwork, pay the fee, provide any collateral necessary for the bond, and your loved one will be bailed out! If you have someone you care about in jail, don’t hesitate to call All American Bail Colorado. We have years of experience, and will help you as you work to get your friend or family member out of jail!

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