Texting and Driving Can Lead to Arrest in Colorado

Texting and driving - arrest in CO

Did you know that texting and driving is illegal in Colorado? While not stated explicitly in the law, law enforcement and legislators consider it to fall under “distracted driving.” You may not believe that you could be arrested for texting and driving – but you can be if the distraction causes you to commit another crime, such as Reckless Driving. It’s important to know the law before you get into your car. Let’s take a look at distracted driving, and why you need to avoid texting and driving.

Don’t Get Arrested: Obey the Laws of the Road

While obeying the laws of the road are fairly straightforward, when laws are vague, it can be difficult to know what or what not to do. For example, according to CDOT, the following things are included in distracted driving:

  • Grooming such as applying makeup or shaving
  • Drinking or eating food
  • Adjusting the music player/radio/CD player
  • Engaging with kids, pets, or other passengers
  • Using a navigation device or map
  • Texting while driving

When you driving distracted, you make mistakes. Mistakes can lead to accidents. According to CDOT, 24.4% of the crashes in 2013 were due to distracted drivers. Stay safe and protect your life and others by putting away distractions while you drive.

Get Bailed Out of Jail in Colorado

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