What Does It Mean to Forfeit a Bail Bond?

Learn what happens when you forfeit a Colorado bail bond.If you’re researching bail bonds, it is likely because you have a friend in jail in the Denver metro area. There is an abundance of information available online about bail bonds, but it can be difficult to sift through it all. And, you can sometimes come across new information that is confusing and unsettling. For example, you may have read about the forfeiture of a bail bonds. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at what exactly it means to forfeit a bail bond in Gilpin County and across the state.

Bail Bond Forfeiture

When you co-sign a bail bond, you are signing a legal document with a bail bond agency. You pay a fee and provide collateral, and in return, the bail bondsman promises to pay the court the full bail amount should the defendant fail to show up in court for all required court dates. This is called skipping bail. When a person skips bail, the court requires the full bail amount from the bail bondsman. Additionally, a bench warrant is issued for the defendant. The bail agent often hires a bounty hunter to find and return the defendant to face justice. Many states offer a grace period (In Colorado, the grace period is only 14 days) – an amount of time that the bail agent has to hire a bounty hunter to find the defendant. If the bondsman successfully returns the defendant, the bond may not be forfeit. If the bail bondsman cannot find and arrest the defendant in time, the bond forfeiture occurs. The risk involved with providing bail bonds is often offset by the collateral that the co-signer provides. In case of a forfeiture, they usually can keep the collateral in order to offset the cost.

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What does bail bond forfeiture mean for you as a co-signer? Each arrest and bail bond situation is different, and should be discussed with a professional, experienced bail agent who will be able to inform you of the risks you incur as a co-signer. Don’t hesitate to call All American Bail Colorado to get the answers you are looking for. We work fast so your friend or family member can get a fast bail out.

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