What Happens When You Skip Bail in Denver? A Real-life Example

Real-Life Example of Consequences of Skipping BailThere are many rules and laws related to the bail bond industry in Colorado. It can be difficult to understand just how the process works, from posting a bail bond, to the consequences of skipping bail. It’s much easier to understand when you have an example. Today, we’ll look at a recent case where a Denver man posted a $50,000 bond, but failed to appear in court.

Coach Skips Court in Colorado: An Example

According to the news, the man (who is a tae kwando instructor) is charged with Sexual Assault involving a child. He posted a $50,000 bail bond to be released. Last week, he failed to show up in court for a hearing. Because of this, the judge on the case has issued an arrest warrant for the man, and his bond is forfeit. Let’s look at the consequences of skipping bail:

– Bond Forfeited

When a bail bond is issued in Colorado, the defendant must agree to appear for all court dates. If they skip bail, the bond is forfeited. This means the bail bondsman must pay the court the full bail amount. In the Denver case, this means the bondsman would be required to pay the court $50,000.

– Become a Fugitive

When a person skips bail, they are considered to be a fugitive by the court’s standards. Because the bail agent has such high stakes, they often hire bounty hunters to find and return the defendant so they will not be required to pay the full bond amount.

– Face Additional Charges

Additionally, when a person skips court and becomes a fugitive, they will face additional charges when arrested. It is also unlikely the judge will allow the defendant to be released again on bond, so the defendant will likely sit in jail until their criminal case is at an end.

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