Why Hire a Bondsman?

There a several reasons to use a bondsman even if you can post all of the cash. 

  1. Bondsmen are familiar with navigating the court system and can provide valuable information along the course of your cases.
  2. Bondsman mitigate (reduce) the risk that you will lose the entire bond amount if there is a problem.  There are procedures that must be followed in the forfeiture of a bond that is posted by a professional surety; whereas, if you post the cash yourself it is considerably more difficult to remedy a forfeiture and you most likely will need to hire an attorney to accomplish that.
  3. A considerable amount of your money may be tied up for an extended amount of time.  A criminal case typically lasts 6-9 months and can last much longer in some cases.
  4. If problems arise with the stability of the defendant a bondsman may return them to custody and relieve you of liability; this is not possible, or at best very difficult if you post the cash yourself.
  5. In short, when you utilize the services of a professional bondsman you are getting just that, a service.  A good bondsman should be providing much more than just the financial means to secure a loved one’s release.
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