Tips to Keep in Mind if You’ve Been Arrested in Colorado

Arrested? Tips to keep in mind if you've been arrested.You likely aren’t reading this post with the intention of getting arrested. Most people don’t start their day with this purpose in mind. But, we all make mistakes, are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or are victims of injustice. Many people are arrested in the state of Colorado for varying reasons. It is important to know how to behave during and after an arrest so that you don’t’ further complicate your case. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’ve been arrested in Colorado.

Right to Remain Silent

We all hear about our “right to remain silent.” But, what does it actually mean? How do you apply it when you are being questioned by the police? A simple rule of thumb is to only answer the questions you have to answer. Police officers have to ask you questions in order to process you. Questions about your name, birthdate, and any other information that goes on a booking form is fine to answer. But, when a police officer asks you about the alleged crime you have been arrested for, or anything else that is unnecessary for booking, tell them you wish to speak with your lawyer before responding. Police officers understand this concept, and would advise their own friends and family members the same way.

Be Polite and Professional

It is extremely important to remain professional and polite during your arrest. Police officers are doing their job, but if you make it personal, or turn the situation into a heated one, they can get nasty very quickly. They are your first interaction with the criminal justice system. Once they have booked you in jail, they will write a detailed report of your demeanor and actions, and this report will be taken into consideration during your criminal case. Even if police officers are being rude or unprofessional – take the higher road and respond respectfully and politely. They don’t have much to lose, and you have a lot to lose – don’t make the situation worse for yourself by responding with anger, swearing, or other disrespectful behavior.

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