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Adams County Bail Bonds Process:

When a defendant is arrested or finds out that a warrant has been issued for their arrest, the defendant or someone acting on the defendant’s behalf can contact a bail bondsman located in Adams County to try and secure bail. Almost all misdemeanor crimes and even some felonies allow for the defendant to be released on bail. A judge will set bail and once terms have been negotiated with the bail bondsman, the bail bonding agency can proceed with posting bail.The process of posting bail in this county is similar to bail posting processes in surrounding counties with a few distinct exceptions. The jail requires a $10 fee to be paid on each bail posted. The jail also requires the bail bondsman to make an appointment in order to post bond. The process of posting bail in Adams County generally takes between 4 and 12 hours to complete. Once a defendant has been released on bail it is important that they abide by all rules and stipulations set forth by the court and the bail bonding agency. Generally, a defendant will be required to provide an up-to-date address and phone number and will be required to stay within a certain area until they have made their first court appearance. Terms of the contract negotiated with the bail bonding agency will specify, in detail, the financial arrangements made to pay the set bail amount. Things such as collateral will be discussed in the contract and if collateral is used there will be a clause specifying the consequences of not adhering to the contract which may include seizure of any and all collateral to recoup any monies put up by the bonding agency. The defendant may also be re-arrested for failing to comply with the terms of release. New charges may be added if a defendant fails to comply. After the initial court appearance more specific instructions may be issued and the contract may be modified to include these new instructions. Have more questions? Read our FAQ, and give us a call!

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Both the jail and the court are located in Brighton. These two facilities are the main point of contact for judicial processes in the area. The Sheriff of Adams County is an elected official and is responsible for overseeing the judicial processes in the area. Sheriffs department personnel are involved in every aspect of peacekeeping within Adams County and the staff works closely with licensed bail bondsmen to ensure all applicable laws are followed. This is for the protection of not only the bail bonding agency but also for the defendant to keep them from being taken advantage of while they are in a vulnerable position.

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About the County:

Adams County encompasses most of the area around Denver International Airport. The airport stands on over 34,000 acres and is the largest airport in the United States. It is ranked the 15th busiest airport in the world and sees an average of 53 million passengers annually. The area around Denver International Airport is predominately Adams County. These cities are located within the county:

- Arvada

- Aurora

- Bennett

- Brighton

- Commerce City

- Federal Heights

- Northglenn

- Thornton

- Westminster

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Find information about the Adams County Court system, including appearances, costs, divisions of the courts, information regarding probation, and locations. If you wish to view Brighton bail bonds information, click here.

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