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Spending time in jail can be very stressful not only for the defendant but also for the defendant’s family. Once a defendant has been arrested and booked into the county jail bond will be set. If a judge has to review the charges in order for bail to be determined, it may take an additional business day to secure the defendant’s release. Most petty crimes and misdemeanors allow a bond to be set. Even some non-violent felonies may allow a defendant to post bail. Once the booking has been completed a defendant, or someone acting on the defendant’s behalf can contact a bail bond agency or bail bondsman.If pretrial services are ordered by a judge, ankle monitoring for example, the device and fees associated with it will need to be paid before the defendant can be released. Once a defendant is released from custody it is imperative that they meet with the bond agency to finalize terms of their agreement. If an individual’s bond has been financed make sure that all of the terms are clear before the contract is signed. Once the agreement is signed the defendant will be held responsible for any terms included therein. It is particularly important that any stipulations set out by the court be followed. The court will require the defendant to a current address and phone number on file with the court at all times. If there is a change of address the court must be notified immediately. Other restrictions may also be imposed if the defendant is out on a felony bond. These rules usually include assurance from the defendant that they will not leave the state, will not consort with known felons, and will not be in the presence of weapons. Bail bond agencies in the state of Colorado must be licensed by the state. A reputable bond agent will make someone available to you at any time should you have questions or concerns. A representative should also be present at your initial bail hearing or immediately afterwards in order to answer any questions you may have. There are several options available for bond including a surety bond, a P.R. bond and a walkthrough bond. Surety bonds are the most common and can be handled by any licensed bond agent or agency. Walkthrough bonds are the least common and may not be available to you. A walkthrough bond is most commonly used when a warrant has been issued and the defendant does not wish to spend any significant amount of time in custody before their initial hearing.

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Find information about the Greeley court system including costs, appearances, locations and divisions of Greeley County Courts, probation information, and other helpful resources (also read our FAQ for more help). The Greeley Municipal Court processes and resolves municipal ordinance violations justly, expeditiously and economically. The court provides due process and individual justice in each case, and ensures that all actions taken in a case are consistent with established law.Greeley Courts

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Greeley Colorado is the most populous area in Weld county and is home to more than 95,000 people. Greeley serves as the seat of the county and is the 12th most populous city in the state.Originally called “Union Colony”, the city was later renamed after the one time editor of the New York Tribune, Horace Greeley. A fascinating, and little known fact is that when Greeley was first settled it served as an experiment by a man named Nathan Meeker.His goal was to create a Utopian society based on moral fortitude and religion.

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