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Jefferson County Bail Bonds Process:

Once an individual is arrested they are booked in to the Detention Facility. Once the booking process is complete, a time will be set for the defendant to see a judge at which point a determination of bail is usually made. At this time, if a defendant cannot afford bail, they may choose to contact a licensed bail bondsman who can negotiate terms of release. Many financial arrangements are available and an experienced bail bond agency will be able to assist in choosing the best option. From start to finish the process takes approximately two to six hours. When a defendant has made bail, it is imperative that the mandates set forth by the court and the bail bond agency are followed. A defendant must provide the court and bail agency with a current address and contact number. The defendant may also be required to stay in the immediate area and may be required to wear a monitoring device. A defendant is expected to attend all scheduled court appearances. A failure to do so may result in bail being revoked which could lead to additional charges such as “failure to comply” and re-arrest. If a defendant fails to comply with the mandates set forth by the court, any collateral used to secure bail could be lost permanently. As with other counties in Colorado, strict laws govern the use of bail bondsmen and an experienced agency will be able to guide you through the process based on the specific needs and circumstances of your case. While bond is granted for most crimes, there are cases where no bond will be given and the defendant will need to remain behind bars until their appointed court date.These crimes usually include murder and other violent felonies, cases where the defendant poses a flight risk, or if the defendant is a risk to the public at large.

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Jefferson county is home to one detention facility located in the city of Golden. Inmates housed in this facility are either awaiting sentencing or have been sentenced to a term in the county jail. The Jefferson county sheriff is an elected official and the position is currently held by Sheriff Jeff Shrader. Follow this link for more information about the court system, including appearances, costs, locations and divisions. The jail staff is responsible for transporting inmates to and from the local courthouse for hearings. The jail in Jeffco charges a $30.00 booking fee in addition to a $10.00 fee for each bond. Unlike other counties, no appointment is necessary to post bond for an inmate.

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About the County:

Jefferson county is one of 64 counties in the state of Colorado. The county’s motto is “Gateway to the Rocky Mountains”. The world famous Coors Brewing Company is located here, along with the Colorado School of Mines. The original county was founded in 1859. When Colorado became a state in 1861 the county of Jefferson was incorporated into the newly formed territory. Jefferson county is the fourth most populated county in Colorado and contributes substantially to the overall populous of the state’s capital city, Denver. Jefferson County is just south of Denver. The following cities are located within it:

- Arvada

- Edgewater

- Golden

- Lakewood

- Littleton

- Westminster

- Wheat Ridge

- Evergreen

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