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When a friend or family member is in a Denver County Jail, it can be a stressful time. This is especially true if you don’t know where they are or how they’re doing. The Denver County Jail and Inmate Lookup system was designed to ensure that you can find out where someone is being housed after they have been arrested. It is a web-based tool and allows you to access public records which give details concerning where prisoners are being held.

If you’re not particularly Internet-savvy, you can get much of the same information in person at the Sheriff’s Office. Of course, this often entails a long wait.

There’s an Easier Way to

Get the Information You Need

A much faster, easier and more pleasant way to find out where your friend or loved one is being kept is to use the Online Inmate Lookup here. To look for an inmate, you must know their last name, at the very least. Other information which is useful in helping you locate your friend or loved one faster includes:

  • Full given name
  • Birth Date
  • Booking Number
  • Corrections Department Number
  • Facility

Why an Agent is Useful when

Purchasing Bail Bonds

There are obvious reasons why anyone would want to know where their loved one or friend is when they’ve been arrested. A less obvious, but very important, reason it’s important to know where they are being held is that this information will be needed before any attempt at bail can be made.

Whether you are planning on paying cash bail or using a bail bonding agency to post a surety bond, the more information you have upfront regarding the whereabouts of the prisoner you are trying to help, the faster the process will go. The information is easy to find from any Internet capable computer using the Denver County Jail and Inmate Lookup. Simply type the person’s information into the Jail and Inmate Lookup form online and the system will search public records to find where he or she is located.

Other Benefits

Driving Directions

In addition to this, the Denver County Jail and Inmate Lookup offers links to driving directions, visitor’s information, and other sites which contain important information regarding contacting your loved one while he or she is housed in one of the Denver County Jail facilities.

Lookup System

It is important to note that the information on the Denver County Jail Inmate Lookup system is public record. Anyone with a prisoner’s basic information could look them up and find out what facility they are being housed in. The system works equally well for loved ones who are seeking to post bail for an accused person before their trial date or the victim of a crime wanting to verify that a person is, in fact, in jail.

Fast Location

Whatever your reason for needing to verify the whereabouts of an inmate in Denver, Colorado, the Denver County Jail Inmate Lookup system can help you quickly find where they are located.

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