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If you have a loved one in jail and need Gilpin County bail bonds fast, call us at 303-279-4994. All American Bail Colorado is here to help you get your family member or friend back home safely as quickly as possible. We are available to talk 24/7 – call us today! The bail agents provide Gilpin County bail bonds and answer the phone 24/7, because we know that when you need help, you need it right away. Call us at 303-757-8848.

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Gilpin County Bail Bonds Process:

After a person has been arrested, they will be booked into jail. Next, the judge or magistrate will set their bail amount. The defendant must pay this amount or work with a bail bondsman in order to obtain their release. It’s important to understand the release options available to a defendant in jail so that you know what to expect, and next steps you should take. There are six basic release options:

  1. Surety Bond: Known as a bail bond, the defendant is only required to pay a percentage of the bail amount as a fee to a bail agent to be released. The bondsman assures the court he will pay if the defendant skips bail.
  2. Property Bond: Instead of paying a certain amount to the court, a lien is placed on property as security for the bail amount. If the defendant fails to appear, their property may be seized and sold for the amount.
  3. Cash Bail: The bail amount can be paid in full using cash – other assets are not acceptable. Because the money has been paid, it binds the defendant to appear in court.
  4. Release on Personal Recognizance: For this type of bond, the accused is relased without any financial motive to ensure his return. Recognizance is a conditional obligation undertaken by the accused in court, where he recognizes he owes a personal debt to the state and the court. This type of bond is only allowed in cases involving small offenses or non-violent crimes.
  5. Walk Through Bond: If you have a warrant out for your arrest and you are in danger of being arrested, we are often able to help you avoid being booked and going to jail by issuing a “Walk Through Bond.”
  6. Release on Citation (Cite Out): For smaller offense, the arresting officer may issue a citation to the accused, informing them that he or she must appear in court at the appointed date.

If you have any questions regarding the Gilpin County bail bonds process, don’t hesitate to call the expert bail bondsman at All American Bail Colorado. We will walk you through the entire process, making sure you understand what the next steps are, and helping you get your loved one back home and safe as quickly as possible. Find out more about these bail options here.

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Court in Gilpin CountyIf you have a loved one who has been arrested in Central City or Black Hawk, contact All American Bail Colorado regarding Gilpin County bail bonds. We have years of experience working throughout the state, and can answer all the questions you have (you can also read our FAQ for answers to common questions). The courthouse in the county is located in Black Hawk. As a combined court, it handles small misdemeanor and petty offenses as well as large crimes such as felonies (find information about the Gilpin County Courts).

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About the County:

Gilpin county is a small county located in the Rocky Mountains with a rich history in mining. Currently, gaming and gambling is legal within the commercial limits of the city – which makes it a destination for all of Colorado. We are licensed bail bondsman in the county, as well as the surrounding areas. The following cities are located within the county:

- Black Hawk

- Central City

- Nevadaville

- Rollinsville

- Russell Gulch

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