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There are multiple types of bail, including the P.R. bond (personal recognizance bond, which allows a defendant to be released on their own recognizance), and a walkthrough bond (which allows a defendant to respond to their arrest warrant without being booked into jail before their hearing). The surety bond (bail bond), is the most common type of bail. The county jail imposes a $10.00 fee for each bond. The bond will be set by a judge or magistrate after a person is arrested and has been booked into jail. In some cases, the judge will set the bail amount during a bond hearing after reviewing the case. This usually occurs during regular business hours, so the bond may not be set until the morning after a person is arrested. in order to be released, the defendant must pay the bail amount. Once bail has been paid, they must follow all the stipulations and rules of the court and the bail bondsman where they obtained the bail bond. Often, this includes:

  • Provision of a current address and phone number
  • Required to stay within a specific area until the first court date

The details of the bail bond will be specific with the bail bonding agency. These include financial arrangements made in order to post bail, and whether or not collateral will be required as part of the contract. If there is collateral, the specific consequences of not adhering to the contract will be decided, as well as the possibility of property seizure so the agency can recoup expenses. Additionally, if the defendant fails to appear in court, they may be rearrested for failing to comply with the terms of the release with the court and bail bond company. Following the first court date, the contract may be modified as needed to include new instructions.

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As an elected official, the Adams County Sheriff is responsible for many different aspects in the community. Personnel are involved in many different areas, but specifically, they are responsible for peacekeeping. Because of this, they work often with court staff as well as licensed bail bondsmen. This is to ensure that all laws are being followed closely. This protects the agency as well the defendant – as it will be guaranteed they are not being taken advantage of during their tough time. Follow this link to find out more about the Brighton Court System.

Justice Center in Colorado
Municipal Court in Brighton

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About the City:

Brighton Colorado was founded in the mid 1870’s and was initially used as a stage coach and railroad depot. Named for Brighton Beach in New York state the settlement was first known as Hughes Station. The town was incorporated under the name Brighton in 1887. Brighton is located in Adams and Weld counties.The area around Denver International Airport is predominately Adams County. This airport is the largest in the U.S; over 50 million passengers pass through it every year!

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