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Weld County Bail Bonds Process:

The holding facility in this county charges a $10.00 fee for each booking and requires that the bail agency or bail bondsman, if one is being used, make an appointment to post bond. Spending time in jail can be very stressful not only for the defendant but also for the defendant’s family. Once a defendant has been arrested and booked into the county jail, bond will be set. If a judge has to review the charges in order for bail to be determined, it may take an additional business day to secure the defendant’s release. Most petty crimes and misdemeanors allow a bond to be set. Even some non-violent felonies may allow a defendant to post bail. Once the booking has been completed, a defendant, or someone acting on the defendant’s behalf, can contact a bail bond agency or bail bondsman. If pretrial services are ordered by a judge (ankle monitoring for example), the device and fees associated with it will need to be paid before the defendant can be released. This process usually takes about six hours. Find information about the Weld County Courts.

Types of Bail

There are a few types of bond and the type utilized depends on the charges and applicable laws. A common type of bond in called a Surety Bond. This type of bond can be posted by a licensed bail agency or bail bondsman. Another type of bond is called a P.R. bond. This is when a person is released on the own recognizance without having to post a bond. A final type of bond that can be utilized is called a “walk through” bond. This may allow an individual who has a warrant for their arrest to remain free while bond is posted. This is a much less common occurrence than a surety bond or a P.R. bond. Most warrants require a defendant to be booked into the county jail before bond can be posted.

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The current Sheriff is Sheriff Steve Reams. He and his staff of over 400 deputies and sworn civilians maintain a detention facility in Greeley, Colorado. The inmates housed at this facility are either awaiting the outcome of a criminal case or have been ordered to serve a term in the county jail. The staff is also responsible for transporting all inmates to and from scheduled hearings.The Sheriff is an elected official and serves a term of four years at a time. Weld is considered a “Home-Rule county” and its citizens can vote to change the Sheriff’s term. The Sheriff’s department is responsible for court security, process services and patrols. The Sheriff’s office in Weld county is also responsible for policing the unincorporated areas, some of which are extremely rural.

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About the County:

Weld county was officially established in 1861 as one of the original 17 counties in the newly formed territory of Colorado. Originally the county of Weld was part of the expansive Kansas parcel. The territory was named for lawyer Lewis Weld. The county grew immensely in 1858, after gold was discovered along the banks of the South Platte River. The Pikes Peak Gold Rush brought many people to Colorado. Today, Weld is home to over 180,000 people. There are many activities and recreational areas to enjoy, such as Pawnee National Grassland, St. Vrain State Park, and Fort Vasquez State History Museum.

- Brighton

- Dacono

- Evans

- Fort Lupton

- Longmont

- Northglenn

- Thornton

Weld County Bail Bonds
Weld County is the relatively flat eastern half of Colorado. The following cities are located within it. If you wish to view Greeley bail bonds information, click here. Weld county is home to several judicial buildings as listed above.

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