What to Do When a Friend is Arrested in Colorado

How to help a friend who has been arrestedYou just go the call – your friend was arrested late last night. They’re not the type of person to be out partying, so you know something big must have happened. You want to help them, but you feel paralyzed. What should you do? As experienced bail bondsman in Weld County and across Colorado, we have helped hundreds of people in situations just like where you find yourself now. Let’s go through what you should do next, step by step:

1. Find Out Where They Are Being Held

The first step is to find out where your friend is being held. If you got a call from the police, ask them. If you heard from another person, try to find out how they heard about it and track down where they currently are. To search arrest records in each county, visit the sheriff or county website to do an inmate lookup (here is the inmate lookup for Weld County).

2. Tell Them to Remain Silent

If possible, try to let your friend know they should not speak to the police without a lawyer present. This is crucial for their defense. Remember, everything is recorded in jail, so don’t talk about what happened over the phone or in person.

3. Call a Bail Bondsman

Find a good bail bondsman and work to get your friend released. It is difficult mentally and physical to sit in jail. It is important that your friend be released so he can begin planning his defense and so that he can easily exercise his right to remain silent.

4. Find a Good Lawyer

It is important to understand the charges your friend is facing. The best way to learn what they are dealing with is to find a good criminal defense attorney who can give you an overview of the case. Talk to your bail agent – they often have recommendations for trustworthy lawyers.

Help Your Arrested Friend by Being Available

The best way to help your friend after he has been arrested is to be available for help. Criminal cases can be long and frustrating, and they will be watched closely over the next few months. Many cases include restraining orders and other difficult restrictions to life. By helping get your friend out of jail and helping them to find a good lawyer, you will put them on track for a better future.

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