The Booking Process: What You Need to Know in Colorado

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The Booking Process: What You Need to Know in ColoradoIf you’re a fan of crime fiction, television or even following current cases you may be familiar with the phrase “Booking”.  Chances are you’ve seen a crime television show or movie were once someone has been arrested.   One officer will say to another to – book’em.  However if you or a loved one has been arrested you may be wondering what exactly does this mean?  And what does it entail?  In today’s post the Booking Process: What You Need to Know in Colorado we’re going to take a closer look at the booking process.

The Booking Process: What You Need to Know in Colorado

In Colorado the booking process is carried out exactly how it is across the country.  When the defendant is arrested they are taken to a jailhouse, prison or in some cases a county courthouse.  Where they are taken will depend on what county or city the crime was committed.  Once there they will begin the booking process.  While these steps can be performed in any order this is what takes place.

  • Mugshots.  Most people are familiar with the pictures taken of the defendant after an arrest.  Referred to as mugshots these pictures help law enforcement identify if the defendant matches the description of anyone with an existing warrant or criminal record.
  • Fingerprints.  During the booking process the defendant will have copies of their fingerprints taken.  Once that is done the fingerprints are run through a statewide, national and depending on their citizenship or record they may be run through an international database.  This will notify law enforcement if the fingerprints can be matched to those surrounding any other cases.
  • Background Check.  Another search run through multiple databases is the defendant’s information.  Including name, birthdate, social security number.

The length of time it takes for the booking process to be complete depends on the institution.  Bigger and busier institutions may result in a longer wait time while smaller less busy institutions may have the whole process finished faster.  If this is the defendants first time being arrested it can result in a shorter wait time.

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