Common Questions: Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on the Weekend?

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Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on the Weekend?

One of the most common questions we receive here at All American Bail Bonds is: “Can you bail someone out of jail on the weekend?” We are dedicated to helping understand the bail process, so that they can be informed about the next steps they need to take to help their loved one who has been arrested.

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on the Weekend?

This question is a common one, because people are usually arrested at inconvenient times. People make mistakes on the weekends, when they’re out having fun. Alcohol is often the cause of many arrests, because people let their guards down, and make decisions that can harm their futures. The answer to the question about getting bailed out over the weekend is two-fold:

  • It Depends on the Alleged Crime: For some offenses, there are set bail amounts that can be paid without needing to see a judge. But, some offenses (such as ones that pose more of a threat to the public) require that the defendant see a judge in order to set bail.
  • It Depends on the Arrested Person: If the person who has been arrested has a criminal past, then they will likely need to see a judge to set bail.

The bail system is designed to protect the rights of the arrested person (they must be assumed innocent until proven guilty), while simultaneously protecting the public from dangerous people avoiding justice. Some jurisdictions have bail schedules – a list of common offenses, and what bail amount should be paid for release. But, in some jurisdictions, defendants must attend a bail hearing in order for bail to be set. This can take a few days, and will definitely not happen over the weekend.

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If you are wondering about whether or not you can bail someone out of jail on the weekend, give an experienced bail agent at All American Bail Colorado a call. We will be able to determine if bail has been set, and for what amount, and help you get them out of jail and back home as quickly as possible!

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