How to Get Out of Jail Faster: Insight from a Bondsman

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Getting Out of Jail Faster - Tips from a Bail AgentGetting arrested sends a wave of emotions through the person being arrested, as well as their loved ones wondering where they are at home. Being arrested is frightening, confusing, and embarrassing all at once. It can be difficult to deal with all these emotions, especially if you are dealing with an arrest for the first time. As experienced bail agents, the bondsman at All American Bail Colorado have worked with many families working to get their loved one released. One of the most common questions is regarding how to get out of jail faster. Here are a few tips about how to expedite the bail process so your loved one can get home fast.

First, Bail Must Be Set

Before we go further, you need to understand that you can’t get someone out of jail faster if their bail hasn’t been set. For it to be determined, your loved one must go before a judge, who will set bail, or it will be set per the bail schedule in the area where they were arrested. There are many things you can do behind the scenes, however, that will speed up the bail bond process. Follow these steps for an expedited release from jail:

  • Call a Bail Agent: The first thing you need to do when you get a call that a loved one is in jail is to call a bail bondsman. Provide as much information about the arrested person as possible. The agent can work behind-the-scenes to prepare everything so that the second bail is set, your friend or family member can be released.
  • Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer: Next, you need to call a criminal defense attorney. There are a few reasons for this: First, you can tell them about the crime your loved one has been charged with. They may be able to tell you what bail may be set at, so you can begin gathering the money. Second, the lawyer will be able to help you understand the defendant’s rights, and being planning for their defense.

Loved One Arrested? Call All American Bail to Get Out of Jail Faster

If you have a loved one in jail, don’t hesitate to call All American Bail Colorado. Our bail agents have years of experience, and will be able to work behind-the-scenes to get your loved one out of jail faster. Call us today to learn more and begin the process!

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