Greeley Bail Bonds vs. Cash: What is the Best Option?

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Bail Bonds vs. Cash - What's the Best option in Greeley?When someone is arrested, in most cases, it is the friends and family who work to get them out of jail. After all, they are concerned about the well-being of their loved one, and want to get them out of jail and back home as fast as possible. If you are working to get someone out of jail, you may be a bit confused by all the options and legal jargon online. We are here to help – at All American Bail, our goal is to help people when they need it most: during the difficult time immediately after an arrest. One of the most common questions we here is about the best form of bail payment: Is cash or Greeley bail bonds the best option?

Benefits of Bail Bonds

In order to understand the best option for bailing someone out of jail, you need to understand how bail works. When a person is arrested, the court determines a certain amount of money that must be paid in order for the arrestee to be released from jail. This money acts as a sort of insurance for the court that the defendant will return for all their hearings and remainder of their trial. There are multiple ways to bail out of jail. Today, we’ll discuss posting cash bail, and purchasing a bail bond. Here are a few reasons choosing bail bonds to obtain the release of a loved one are better:

 – More Affordable

When you use cash to get a loved one out of jail, the court requires that you pay the full amount, in cash. Most people don’t have a large amount of cash readily available. When you obtain a bail bonds, there are multiple payment options available, and you are only required to pay a small percentage of the bail amount. Each state and bail agent is different, but most bail agents charge 10-15% of the bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $5,000, you could end up paying a bail bondsman $500 to get your loved one released. You won’t get the money back at the end of their trial (like you would when posting cash bail), but you won’t have to put a large amount of money on the line in order to get them released.

– Help and Insight

When you work with a bail agent, you have experience on your side. Our bail agents have worked in the bail industry for years and have invaluable advice and insight in the jail and criminal justice system. When you work with us, you won’t have to go to the jail – we’ll handle the process for you and your loved one will be released quickly. You likely feel a bit lost at the moment – most people haven’t dealt with the criminal justice system before, and don’t know the best steps to take to help their loved one. This is where a bail agent comes in: We can give you advice and help you determine the best way to get them out of jail and back home so you can focus on finding them a lawyer and fighting the charges they face.

Get Them Out of Jail Fast: Call All American Bail Bonds

If you have a loved one in jail, you likely have many questions and need clarification and guidance. Call All American Bail Bonds 24/7 to get the answers you need to move forward with getting your friend out of jail. We are here to help!
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