Need to Contact Someone After an Arrest?

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Need to contact someone after an arrest?  If a family member or someone you care about has been arrested you may be anxious to get in touch with them.  You’ll probably wondering how they’re doing, if they’re okay, if they need anything.  And you may be wondering if they’re going to be contacting you.  In Colorado it may not be as simple as waiting for a phone call.  Today we’re going to look at some challenges defendants are faced with after an arrest and how you can contact them.

Challenges for Defendants

When someone is arrested normally their personal belongings are confiscated.  Whether this happens before they arrive at the station or during the booking process.  Their belongings including keys, wallet and cellphone are checked into a secure locker and they will not have access to these items until after they are released.  Because they won’t have access to their wallet or credit cards they won’t be able to use a payphone.  By law when someone is arrested they are given access to call their lawyer or attorney.  However without access to the internet or their contact list on their phones most defendants are at a disadvantage.  If they are unable to remember important phone numbers and unable to pay for a call to someone who can help them how can they be contacted?

Call Accounts

Depending on where they are being held most institutions have something called a call account system.  This is like an account set up for each person being held there.  Once you find out where they are being held you can contact that institution and add money to their call account.  The amount it costs per call or per minute varies depending on the institution it’s best to ask them what calls cost and how much is typically sufficient.

Contacting Someone After an Arrest

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