2 Reasons You Should Post Bail Quickly in Colorado

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In today’s post we’re going to share with you two important reasons why you want to post bail in order to get your friend or family member home quickly.  If you’re undecided on whether or not you want to post bail we hope that this will help you consider your options and make the best decision based on your situation.

Biological Impact

Learn 2 reasons to post bail quickly in ColoradoWhile receiving news that a friend or family member has been arrested can be stressful and feel overwhelming for you imagine how they must be feeling.  Being arrested is no walk in the park can cause the defendant to feel incredibly stressed and overwhelmed.  While this is a natural and expected response this can have a very negative effect on the defendant.  Stress has been proven to disrupt almost every system in your body causing serious biological symptoms.  This includes your immune system, your digestive and reproductive systems, and my increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.  Stress can also cause you to become more susceptible to anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems.

Assisting the Defendant

Not only does the exposure to stress put the defendant at a disadvantage being in prison poses another difficulty.  Since the defendant has to build their case, notify family or their attorney, contact their employer they have a lot of their plate.  Unfortunately there can be limited access to resources like email, the internet or even telephones when you’re in prison.  This can make it difficult for the defendant to build a strong case in their defense to insure they receive due justice.

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